Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's all over

I'm going to London tomorrow, and I have to wear a suit. Auugh!

Seriously, this causes me almost physical distaste. I don't wear suits. Never have (on ocassion in the distant past I scraped together a trousers and tie combination but I haven't even worn that in five years).

I was just about to say "never will", but that's not true, tomorrow I have to go suit shopping and friday I have to wear it.


This is further proof my life as a nomad is over.

I'm getting a suit, can't fit everything I own in two large bags anymore, and am even considering buying a house. I may as well just admit that I'm old and boring.

This really sucks. I was getting used to wearing trousers and logn sleeve shirts, but this is too much too fast. I better get a big pay rise to make up for this.

I guess it takes a disaster to make me blog these days, so let's hope I don't write again for a little while.

A stupid lousy no good suit. Wonder if I can call in sick for the conference?

Certainly growing up and getting old, it must be the quarter centruy as well as the job. Hope you have fun in London and maybe phone some relatives!
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