Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's all over

I'm going to London tomorrow, and I have to wear a suit. Auugh!

Seriously, this causes me almost physical distaste. I don't wear suits. Never have (on ocassion in the distant past I scraped together a trousers and tie combination but I haven't even worn that in five years).

I was just about to say "never will", but that's not true, tomorrow I have to go suit shopping and friday I have to wear it.


This is further proof my life as a nomad is over.

I'm getting a suit, can't fit everything I own in two large bags anymore, and am even considering buying a house. I may as well just admit that I'm old and boring.

This really sucks. I was getting used to wearing trousers and logn sleeve shirts, but this is too much too fast. I better get a big pay rise to make up for this.

I guess it takes a disaster to make me blog these days, so let's hope I don't write again for a little while.

A stupid lousy no good suit. Wonder if I can call in sick for the conference?

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