Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rugby and Ninjas.

One of the advantages of having a mother who interviews for Medical School admissions (I hope that this isn't classified information, but I'm pretty sure she leaves her Darth Vader mask at home before the interviews so she's not anonymous there) is that she gets to gossip with the All Blacks' doctor.

She asked him whether I should be playing rugby after the knee surgery I had back in 98.

His words (not an exact quote but close enough were "His knee will be buggered by the time he's 40, he may as well have fun."

It's not the best news I've heard, but hopefully artificial cartillage is on the market before July 17 2020 (when my life begins according to Grey Power propaganda).

I played rugby today (something I plan on doing more often now I'm 9 to 5).

It was a great game, one of those games that is evenly matched, and players are fired up without it ever quite boiling over into more than a bit of shoving. Yes, I was well behaved too, when the game is in the balance, I'm less inclined to come up swinging, even when some big fat South African tries to punch me in the head (I might have been interfering with his scrum half trying to clear the ball from the ruck a little, but otherwise it was unprovoked).

I played fairly well although I am really unfit from three months of sitting around eating kebabs (when I work) and drinking beer (on my days off). Actually kebabs are pretty healthy, it's mostly the sitting around.

I made ninja pie last night - it's like cottage pie only you put soy (teryaki or oyster) sauce and oriental spices (OXO do a killer oriental cube) when frying the mince up. Also, boil the potatoes in water flavoured with a beef stock cube, then mash them with butter, more beef stock (minimal amount of hot water to dissolve the cube) and parmesan cheese.

That's today's food tip.

Where's the photo? I can't wait to see the long hair! Is it blond or what? great news re the regular hours and not sure re the classified information about your knee!
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