Saturday, November 12, 2005

Rugby time

Well, today I played my first game of rugby in quite a few years. I'm now a proud and valued member of the Aligators RFC (one of the 5 clubs in Malta). After losing 13 of last season's starting lineup they were pretty happy to hear they'd be getting a crack NZ import flanker. Then they discovered it was me ;) Actually, I am in the unfamiliar position of feeling fairly secure in my place in the starting lineup. I'm not a superstar by any means, but I'm handy.

It was so good to get back on a rugby field.

I made some decent clearouts at rucks and a few solid tackles. Did a bit of running with the ball too, but the bigger guys on the team are more effective at that.

We lost, thanks to their backs being a lot faster and fitter than ours. But it was great fun. The All Blacks crushed Ireland, but England looked worryingly good in their victory over Australia. The match in a couple weeks will be very interesting (as will the next time we play these guys since we are the second best team in the country right now and improving fast).

flanker aye. awesome. i take it you were blindside? do you have a mouth guard?

juat bdid the 42 traverse in national park mountain bike ride. awesome. its kind of cheating as you end up dropping like 500metres or more so its 70% downhil and only 30% up.. my kind of riding.
we want the original blog back!!!

bring back the blog!

we all know about the fight now that you had during your rugby game! so why the change?
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