Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm Lazy

Well today it rained. Actually, it's 10am and it stopped. But it rained enough between 7am and 9am to count as raining the whole day. Seriously, this was a downpour of tropical proportions. Thunder, lightening, three inches of water all over the pavement, the whole nine yards. They also don't seem to believe in stormwater drains in malta so streets just turn into rivers.

Our apartment (both the building and the people) is cool.

Doing some super boring testing at work today, so between that and the weather, I have no real desire to write anything. Oh, and the fact we're constantly up till midnight playing playstation and hanging out with people.

It's not so much laziness, as that you have nothing to blog about... Maybe you'll just have to turn this into a foodie blog, discussing the best way to marinate a rabbit!
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