Thursday, September 29, 2005

New House

We have a new apartment. It is sweet. That's the short version of the last week and a half. We is as follows:

Me - Your long haired narrator who likes mountains, winter, and wide open spaces. Currently wondering what he is doing in a real job in Europe's flattest, warmest, and most crowded country.

Cyrus - World famous in Finland. A half-Spanish half-Portugese former rockstar with the tatoos, piercings, and liver problems to prove it.

Aaron - A Gibraltarian (field) hockey star who is alleged to work in our Finance Department (he showed up a couple days ago but hasn't done much yet).

The apartment is a spacious first floor 3.5 bedroom on the seafront. It has great water pressure and views. But I'm done with work. Stockholm have just produced a their crowning piece of idiocy for the day and I'm refusing to deal with them until they decide which one of them is getting to use their communal braincell. It's fifteen minutes before the end of the shift, but I'm logging out before I give them both barrels (possibly literally, since some people from the office are going to Sweden on Friday, and I might buy a shotgun and join them - Stockholm have been that bad today).

Hope the new flat is good. And that tomorrow is a better day!
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