Saturday, September 10, 2005

More details

Well, I left granny at 9am and got the train up to London and the tube
to Brian and Chitra's. The train journey was fine - Southern England
is ocassionally scenic, but only in a rather pastoral way (which I am
not a fan of). Mostly I read a book and wondered why exactly I am
getting a real job.

I lugged my 50 kilos of luggage down to the tube and onto the transfer
bus from hatton cross to T4 since the tube doesn't go that far
anymore. My excess baggage was about twice the price of my flight
(thankfully the company will reimburse me\.

Uneventful flight - except for the announcements in Maltese. While it
sounds more like a language than it looks, I despair of being able to
learn more than "uhhhhh I speak English don't"

Arriving at 1am is not particularly good for anything, but I made it
through customs and immigration without any problems. Malta
international airport is pretty small (given that the whole country
has less land area than LAX* that is not surprising).

Met my boss and another new guy - Cyrus. We seem to get on pretty well
so we'll likely be looking for a house together (probably with a
couple other people) this month.

Malta is stinking hot a lot of the time and this email is taking days
to write so I'm just going to send it.

* = not verified by our fact checkers


Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they
have to say something. - Plato

"I'd just like to say..." - Me

will you be changing the header of your blog now you have a real job and perhaps a haircut?
Exactly my thoughts. I understand the long hair is still around but certainly this is a real job, and the details of living in Calgary etc are certainly no longer true!
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