Tuesday, August 09, 2005

You want me to do WHAT with my coins?

I've collected about $60 worth of change (coins less than a dollar) over the last few months. I take it down to the bank (open 10:30 - 3:30 - wow what service). It's all nicely separated into envelopes so they can just weigh it and put electronic money in my account.

Except they can't. Apparantly I have to roll my coins. No, this doesn't mean I should see how they perform when dropped on their sides. In Canada's "High-Tech" banking world, they don't have coin weighing machines (which we had in 95 at the Kentucky Fried Chicken I worked at in NZ). So I got given a bunch of paper sheaths which I had to try squeezeing coins into.

Not fun.

So I am leaving Canada in protest.

Well that and I was offered a pretty sweet job in Malta. Details to come - haven't recieved the contract yet, but I was offered the job.

Most of my readers (mum and dad) already know the details. The rest of you will find out when I feel life sharing.

Dan (my flatmate) and I will be going to the CFL game on Friday - $20 for ticket, bus ride to the stadium, a beer and some garlic bread - ticket alone directly is $27 or more. If you're looking to see a Stampeder's game, sportsbars all over the city have this sort of deal.

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