Sunday, August 21, 2005

Vigilante Justice.

Well, I got my first comment spam, so I turned on image verification for comments. Sorry bout this, but I figured it was better than forcing people to have a blogger account to comment.

The following is an open letter to the owner of and anyone else who thinks it might be a good idea to spam this blog:

Dear Spammer,

You just made a huge mistake.

I complained to your domain registrar and your web host. Hopefully you'll need to find a new host and domain name and start all over again.

I've also bookmarked your site so if it does go live you'll be recieving some special attention from me. You want to spam my blog? You're going to pay the price.

I have always disliked spammers, and now that I'm trying to make an honest living on the internet I actively hate them.

By the way, the honest living argument is probably going to be your defence for spamming me. Using automated tools to exploit other people's work without adding any value of your own is not an honest living in my eyes.

I don't care that it's possible to get automated tools to create forum posts and blog comments to increase your link popularity. It's possible for me to just tip my garbage off my balcony rather than take it to the garbage chute too, but I don't even though it would save me a 30 meter walk.

What you are trying to do is steal Page Rank. I don't like stealers. Yes, stealers is not a real word but to call you a thief is an insult to thieves - at least thieves have to make some sort of effort, you just bought your spammy software off some sleazy get rich quick website and set it to work.

As you will discover, I have a rather vindictive streak. You spammed the wrong blog, and I'm going to make you pay. Simple as that. In fact, I'm going to try and destroy you. Forget an eye for an eye. This is going to be massively disproportional payback. If I can bring your business to its knees, I will, and I will be glad about it.

I might be rather liberal on many things, but crime and punishment is one thing I'm pretty conservative on - especially punishment :D - There's no Eighth Amendment on the Internet. In case you don't understand (you are a stupid spammer after all) the Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Which is exactly what you are going to get.

Hurry up and launch your site so I can start getting medieval on you.

That is all.


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