Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tick tock tick tock

No, I'm not planning on sending a letter bomb to my comments spammer (although it would be in keeping with my policy of massive and disproportionate retaliation). Instead, that's the count down clock to my departure.

I got my plane ticket back from Air New Zealand, booked my Calgary - Vancouver flight, found places to stay to in England (it was a little worrying at first, but I forgot that normal people don't check their email every 5 minutes (or even every day).

Thanks to the wonders of the internyet I also now have an OK idea of all the various travel times between key locations in Southern England. England is very small. I had forgotten just how small it was until looking at a map and then travel times. Seriously, 5 hours from Calgary get you just past Edmonton. From London, it gets you to most other English cities (unless it's rush hour, in which case you might make it to the next exit on the M25).

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