Monday, August 22, 2005

Things About Me.

Since it seems to be fashionable for bloggers to make narcissistic lists of facts about themselves, I thought I'd try to make one.

1) I check my email 12 times or more a day and can't understand why normal people don't do it at least once. Seriously, people, check your email, you're ruining the information superhighway. You are better off emailling me than phoning me if you want my attention - I can ignore the phone, I almost never ignore an email.

2) I simply can not just buy a loaf of bread when I go to the supermarket. I will ALWAYS end up with about 10X the amount of stuff. Doesn't matter if my cupboards are empty or if I just spent $200 two days before. I will load up my shopping basket. Food is one of the few things I enjoy shopping for.

3) Raw tomatoes make me nauseous, boil em up and make pasta sauce or ketchup and I love em. I also don't like haut-cuisine (even just cuisine is suspect, unless we're talking French - which I can do, lentement). I like food that is cooked, not created. My top three foods are potatoes (especially roast, fried, or mashed up with plenty of dairy products - it's my Irish heritage), sweetcorn (especially on the cob, but I go through a lot of frozen corn too), and beef (either rare, or stewed for so long it's falling to pieces). My favourite condiment is sweet chili sauce and my father has made several of my top ten meals ever.

4) I drink ridiculous amounts of water. We're talking about 4 litres a day. I strongly prefer it iced (I keep three half full plastic drink bottles in the freezer, so I can have cold water all day).

5) I enjoy watching professional wrestling. Yes, I know it's fake, and I know that ironic-faux-belief is so Gen X (I think I'm offically Gen Y, but whatever, even if I'm late X, I despise people who try to be cool, so I ain't doing that). I just enjoy it because it's like a soap opera with plenty of explosions and people "punching" each other. I also enjoy trying to work out where the storylines are going (and when I'm right, proving I'm smarter then the average bear - which is my real favourite hobby).

Five items will do because I got a little tangential on some of them (what a surpruse, huh?)

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