Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well, I'm off to Malta at the end of the month. Assuming the job goes well, I'll more or less stop being a nomad. OK, fine, I'll become a settled person. That scares me more than moving half way round the world. That's kind of like meh, whatever, wake me up when we get there. But a real job, with an actual salary (and a pretty decent one, at least by Maltese standards)? That's the worrying thing.

Malta Fact #1 - Population density 1300 / km2, Netherlands population density 700 / km2.

Malta Fact #2 - Rabbit is the unofficial national dish.

Seriously, I'm not too fussed that they speak a language that's somewhere between Arabic, Italian and Klingon (well English is an official language too, so I'll survive) or any of that culture shock stuff.

But I'm getting a real job and will have to be responsible and stuff. It'll be fun - using my newfound innurnet knowledge and so forth, rather than just qualifying for a job by being a breathing biped.

So, how many rabbits per human does Malta support? Or do they import the delicious beasts?
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