Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I suck at blogging.

I mean really, let's go over the checklist of a good blog.

1) Updated Regularly. Well, except when I'm busy, bored, uninspired or tired. I'm not appointment reading, because nobody, except the phone company, makes appointments for a 72 hour window.

2) Short posts. BWAAAAHAHAHA! When given free reign, I can and will be rather verbose. Sure, each individual sentence will be well crafted and fairly efficient. There will just be lots of them on a variety of topics.

3) Plenty of links to other blogs and interesting content. Nope. I'm selfish and want to keep all my visitors to myself. Plus I just never remember to link to anything cool, because I'm starting to become forgetful in my old age.

4) Interesting content. Sure, I sometimes manage to find something interesting to write about, but usually I'm just scrambling to put a veneer of humour on a rather unexceptional daily life. Sure, the meta-narrative (oh yeah, random intellectual showing off like that isn't good blogging either) of my life is interesting, but there's been precious few interesting events recently.

That all said, I did go for a hike on Sunday with a couple of friends from my U of C days and couple of their friends. It was good to get in back touch, however briefly, which people I like, and meet new ones (even if I am going to resort to my old trick of leaving the country).

We wandered up Mt Yamanuska (or something like that). It was good fun, the views were very nice - mostly back down a valley out to the plains. All round a good Sunday afternoon, capped off with a very pleasant dinner of nachos, fajitas, and chocolate cake.

While I'm thinking about desserts, one more thing I will miss about Canada is maple flavoured stuff. It's everywhere from on top of pancakes (of course), in brownies (an obvious place for it), to chocolate bars (less logicial I would have thought, but Canadians love maple syrup) to baked beans (I kid you not) and even such culinary delights as "Maple chicken".

As Asterix might say, "these Canadians are crazy" (except he'd also have to add "Ces Canadiens sont fous" or the language police would get him. By the way I conjugated and spelt that correctly BEFORE checking www.freetranslation.com which is more than I can do with English some days recently. Not that French is going to be much use in Malta, since Maltese really is some sort of bizarre cross of Arabic, Italian, and Klingon.

I really do have a thing about insulting small countries don't I? First there was a series of posts making fun of Irish people and their ridiculous sports, now I'm starting to pick on a country that's about the size of a postage stamp (actually, if we take the Vatican as the official postage-stamp sized country, then Malta is postcard-sized). I'm pretty sure the city of Auckland is larger.

While trying to check this, I found the following discrepancy:

The NZ treasury website tells visitors that NZ's areas is 103,000 square miles.
Lonely Planet claim it's 103,737 square miles.
Wikipedia and the CIA might think it's 111,984 square miles (although I can't be sure I converted 268,680 square KM into square miles correctly - I divided by 1.6 and then by 1.6 again)

Anyway, I'm going to play some Super Nintendo (I'm just one boss away from getting all of Donkey Kong's bananas back!) and then go to bed.

3. Plenty of links - is a good example of the "give to receive" principle, Google like the cheerful giver... Lots of links to good places gets you lots of visitors - whom you can loose to those links... The exception is to have such a black hole of good content that Google and your visitor get sucked in and cannot get out... But there aint no third way ;)

Give to receive!
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