Thursday, June 23, 2005

What to write about?

Well, I'm kinda stuck for things to write about.

I thought about the Canadian obsession with Tim Hortons (during the trip to Vancouver, the one genuine Canadian in our car was pretty much constantly looking for Timmies). But I seem to cover Tim Hortons every month, and while it's probably good for a couple hits from desperate Canadians googling "Tim Hortons home delivery" or "free Tim Hortons", it probably gets old for the rest of you.

Having no life plays havoc with my blogging. I should go out and get a life immediately, just so I have something to write about.

It's also getting close to a time where I have to make some sort of tentative plan for the next six month period. Originally, I was going to work in a ski resort.

It's still a good option, although other places than France are looking appealing now too particularly Switzerland, and Scandinavia - apparantly Finland has a massive shortage of teachers right now. Then there's always the option of trying to find a real job (yes I said I wouldn't sell out, but 1) it doesn't count in a foreign country like the UK - even though I have a passport, I'm only technically British, I still want the All Blacks to crush the Lions and 2) the lure of sweet sweet pounds.

Bleh, who knows.

mmm, gotta love Timmy H :D
pardon my ignorance. bt what or who is timmy / tim horton?
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