Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tim Hortons

To answer some questions:

Tim Horton was a hockey player who died in a crash and opened a chain of donut stores (possibly not in that order). Tim Hortons is a fairly ubiquitous feature of Canadian life.

As I have mentioned before, we live right above a Tim Hortons, and it, like almost every other Timmy's in Canada, seems to be permanently busy until about 6pm.

So, strictly in the interests of research, and not because I quite like donuts, I went to Tim Hortons last night.

I can't comment on their coffee (although several Canadians I know are addicited to it), but the donuts were pretty good. I had a strawberry filled vanilla iced (with sprinkles). Pretty good. Definately on a par with most bakeries at home.

Talking about bakeries, I did find a decent pie in Canada. Shame it was at the rugby club in Vancouver really. Ahh well, after all the pies I ate when working for Mt Ruapehu, it's probably a good thing that pies aren't part of my diet here.

Good to know what a Tim Horton's is!
My friend's aunt sent him a tin of tim horton's coffee a while ago, he was over the moon with joy. I wonder why it's so addictive?
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