Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Life goes on

Well, I haven't written in a while. There are many reasons for this.

1) I'm lazy. Nuff said.

2) Not a lot has been happening. Seriously. My life is amazingly boring at the moment. I'm like a crazy hermit, except without any of the interesting moment when God starts talking to me through the microwave (actually I'm pretty sure God would manifest Himself in our George Foreman grill, as the Heavyweight champion of the world is, according to Norman Mailer "like being the little toe of God").

Anyway, a typical day for me is wake up, turn on computer, eat breakfast, work / play on the internet, eat lunch, work / play on the internet, eat dinner, work / play on the internet, possibly go to the building hot-tub downstairs, go to bed.

Munday is laundry and groceries day (got to get all the big tasks out the way while I still have energy), Weddys I go to Aussie Rules training, on Frododay I go and watch Aussie Rules on the TV at our sponsor pub, some Satadays I go play Aussie Rules (this weekend, just for a change, I played Gaelic instead). That pretty much sums up the last week or three.

If this is what real life feels like, I'm off to become a soldier of fortune in South America.

3) I have had tech problems for the last, well for someone like me whose umbellical cord had a USB connection, it's forever. It used to be that my internet connection was fine, and Dan's kept cutting out. Then both the internet connections cut out occasionally. Now it's pretty much just mine, and pretty much constantly. It's a cunning gremlin though, it's learned not to show me that I'm disconnected until I go to make a blog post, or send an email, or whatever. Even then, sometimes the computer claims to be connected until a ridiculous amount of time has passed, then when I rescan for the network, it suddenly acknoweldges that is it not, in fact, online. It's like my computer and the router have both been possessed by six year old gremlins who sometimes have fights with each other and aren't friends for the next ten minutes. Give me back the adult gremlins.

I blame Bill Gates. I have no idea why or how, but I do.

If you find a suitable cure for the gremlins do let us know. Wireless networks at home are brilliant, but tempremental. To sit by the fire and connect I have to rightclick and go repair at embarassing intervals, and now that bthe teens have got used to always on faster Internet I keep getting complaints when the connection is not there just when they want it... Maybe we should all go back to smoke signals (oh, no, windy days) or talking drums (uh, nuh, thunder storms, or Daniel practicing on his drum set - how come after ten years he still needs so much practice?)...
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