Monday, May 30, 2005

What exactly is a Lilac?

Yesterday was the 4th Street Lilac Festival. I didn't know what a lilac was, probably some sort of flower, probably lilac in colour (or color, depending on my target audience). But anyway, one of the guys from the footy team was having a barbeque and I had nothing better to do - working for myself means that I can designate almost whatever time of the week I want as "nothing better to do", as long as I don't do it too often. So Sunday afternoon was blocked out for Lilac festival.

A few of us had a small group run before that, which I plodded through, and even that's putting it favourably. Lilac Festival seems to mainly consist of a big crowded street market (with a few performances), and a bunch of beer gardens (all selling over-priced warm beer), and very few lilacs (whatever they are).

So in other words, Lilac Festival is like any other big commercial street party type event. It's widely viewed as the first "summer" event in Calgary. Actually, those were totally gratuitous quotation marks because it was hot and sunny, and I got a little bit "burned". Those weren't gratuitous, because Canada has an ozone layer, and it's possible to spend the day in the sun with only one application of SPF30 and not wake up the next day feeling like someone has applied acid to your face.

Some place called Rochester also has a Lilac Festival it seems judging by the pictures to be more about teddy bears, brass bands and beauty queens; but does also seem to feature the flowering tree of the same name...

Whatever you do don't take up botany, you have inherited your mother's genes in that area!
Factor 50 all the way, not that we get really hot weather over here. Have your Irish friends got you drinking Guinness yet?
Well, did you smell any lilacs? One of the best smells in the world..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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