Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We got a couch

Our deck has been sadly lacking in pimp-quotient, until recently. But, Dan's ninja skills spotted a couch in the alleyway behind our place, abandoned by a dumpster. We headed down and claimed it.

After the futon incident (we couldn't get the frame for my futon into the far bedroom, so using our university skills, we decided it would be easier to switch bedrooms than dismantle the frame), we have getting stuff into our appartment pretty much down now.

So yeah, we have a couch. I jammed my fingers back at footy training, so typing is a bit awkward (my left hand is slowly forming into a claw, no matter how much I clench and unclench it). Yes, I've iced it, no it isn't broken, or dislocated (I hope) although it did hurt really badly when it happened.

Couch: hurray!
Hand: Boo!

PS. do take care of your hands, they are now the instruments (along with a few brain cells) that earn you your living - perhaps you should insure them, like film stars insure their famous bits ;)
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