Monday, May 16, 2005

Red Deer - More fun than a box of hammers!

I spent the weekend in Red Deer with the Calgary Kangaroos. Calgary were looking to keep their undefeated record intact, Red Deer were looking to avenge last week's crushing defeat, a few random Irishmen were busy being shuffled between the two teams to make up numbers as players appeared.

The coaches finally settled which teams Connor, Ryan, and Tim (although I'm sure the names are probably spelt Quonair, Rian, and Tim - since even the Irish can't make Tim a confusing name). But anyway, the game started, and Red Deer came out and took an early lead against a Calgary side who were half (or more) asleep.

They took this lead into the first break, and none of the Calgary players were particularly surprised. Calgary picked things up a little during the second, but Red Deer did go to half time ahead, thanks in part to the efforts of Adrian Laggan. Adrian is a former top-flight Gaelic Footballer. He's only a little man, but has an uncanny ability to attract the attention of pretty much every player on the other team, no matter who he is playing for. We all want to hammer him, but he's slippery and wirey. I tackled him once, but he got a good kick away as I was doing it.

Calgary got a reality check at half time thanks to speeches from three wise Australians (yes, I know that the lack of Wise Men was why Jesus wasn't born in Australia, but these guys have been in Canada a while). Increased desire, and marginally more accurate goal kicking (although your correspondant officially "kicked like a mongrel", missing both his free kicks at goal - scoring just one behind) gave Calgary a 5 point lead.

Calgary finally woke up, and superior experience and fitness began to take its toll, leaping out to a comfortable cushion early in the fourth. They kept the pressure on to run out 40 point winners.

Red Deer nearly got their revenge when the bouncer at Wild Bill's (the pub that sponsors the Magpie) told the Calgary team that it wasn't kareoke night and threatened to throw them out if they sang the victory song again.

Still, my Red Deer experience was more fun than a box of hammers. Not quite up there with a barrel of monkeys, but definately a lot better than poking oneself in the eye with a blunt stick, probably about as good as a seeing a rabbit eat a cheese sandwich.

Wow, this just gets weirder and weirder, doesn't it? I have no excuses, for once.

On the upside, I might have a job interview at a stock trading firm, we shall see. Don't get too excited (mum).

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Good to hear you have been playing sport but a bit confused from previous posts whether it is Aussie Rules or Gaelic football, both or a completely new thing. Not being a fan of either, but having seen some great netball recently, I can't understand the references. Job possibility is good, won't get too excited yet.
okay...i apologise for correcting your spelling of seamus. i will not do so again!! good luck for the job prospect, keep posting!
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