Saturday, May 07, 2005

Kiwi Nomad - First in AFL Alberta news!

The opening game of the 2005 season kicked off shortly after 3pm at the Calgary Rugby Fields. The Kangaroos (that's us) comfortably beat the Magpies (Red Deer) 17.21.123 to 8.8.56 (the first number is the number of goals - 6 pointers - scored, the second is the number of behinds - 1 pointers, the third is the total (but Aussies don't need it). Calgary made some key player aquisitions in the off season while Red Deer was fielding an under strength team thanks to injuries to key players.

Most notable of the new players for Calgary was Richard. Ok, that's an out and out lie, "Crazy" Jordan (a Canadian recruit) had a stunner, and could well be competing with some of the Aussies for player of the season points. Matt and Todd also played very well. The Australians showed why it's called Aussie rules, with Judgie, Chriso, and Boozer putting on a great show for the crowd of two dozen. Irish ringer Adrian (although I'm sure that's not how the Irish spell it :P) was in fine form, and attracted a bit of hostile attention from frustrated Magpies players.

Me, I managed to not completely embarass myself. I think I kicked two behinds, I know I got one when my shot from the one mark I took all game hit the post, so that was a little frustrating. I made a couple of nice disposals to team mates that resulted in goals for the team, and didn't get in the way too much (except of the other team a couple times, but that's a good thing). All up, I'm pretty happy with my first game. Fitness needs quite a bit of work, my game-sense is almost non-existant, and I've got to get back into the swing of trying to hit people (unlike ultimate frisbee, where it is a bad thing). But, it was my first game and I'm not a natural sportsman.

However, it is a long season, and Calgary can not afford to get too confident. With their twice a week training schedule and innovative recruitment techniques (rumour has it that the 'Pies grabbed some guy off the street in Red Deer and showed him the football on the drive down), it's looking to be a very interesting season - and that's before you through the Cheiftains into the mix with their funny shaped ball, tricky rules, and secret Irish voodoo.

Kiwi Nomad - First with the Alberta AFL news (mainly because I'm an internet geek and wanted to check my email before going to the Flying Emu for more team celebrations).

Offical report will probably appear on at some point soon. But I was first! nyah nyah nyah!

I trust you have the Calgary Kangaroos doing a proper haka before the game...
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