Thursday, April 28, 2005

Gaelic Football, Furniture, the weather

These all have something in common.

Give up?

They are all things that confuse and frustrate me.

1) Gaelic Football. I am convinced that this game was invented by an ardent Republican, as a foolproof method of finding English spies.

Dublin, some time in the 19th Century.
"I know Patrick, let's make a game that's like football, except you get to carry the ball in your hands."
"That's a grand idea and will confuse those English to be sure."
"AND,let's make it that you're only sometimes allowed to use your hands."
"Another grand idea Seamus."
"AND lets make it so that when your run with the ball you have to either bounce it every three steps, or kick it to yourself, and you can't put two bounces in a row."
"You're a terrible devious man Seamus, so you are."
"And let's make it so you can score points by kicking the ball either under or over the crossbar."

It's a great game (and much less insane than hurling, which pretty much has to be seen to be believed). But it's frustratingly difficult to learn the "simple skills" (like running along and kicking the ball up into your hands).

2) Furniture. Two days late, but we got our table and Dan's desk. That's the frustrating part. The confusing part was trying to fasten bracket A into tube B with bolt Z and Allen key Q (especially since we didn't have a proper screwdriver.

3) The weather - I just get used to 16 degrees (weather in which nobody can complain about me wearing shorts and t-shirt) and then it starts to snow again. Couldn't we have had this cold snap, um, during the terrible warm spell in winter?

You can always tell a true British-born Wingeing Pom, they just go on and on about the weather...

BTW how come you are playing Gaelic Football now? Is it some master plan to develop an Irish accent and go undercover (at least when it's raining)?
gaelic football? hurling? try being a girl and playing camogie, the feminine version of hurley for girls, it's not pretty. and 'shamus' is actually 'seamus'!! sorry for being pedantic, but here's a site for you,
or alternatively come to ireland or northern ireland for an intensive course!
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