Tuesday, April 12, 2005

All's well that ends.

It might not have ended particularly well (conditions today were icy, overcast, and generally very fin de saison (I'm not trying to show off - this French keyboard has a life of its own) but it has ended.

Barring a dump overnight (lifts are open for staff skiing tomorrow, so if it dumps,I'll be impersonating Tim), the three or four runs I had today were the end of my Fernie season. I'll be hanging around town for a few days at least (I've got to clean up after the huge party we had last night).

Actually, I'm kidding about the party, but since Tim said he'd still be checking my blog I can't tell the truth about living with him and Kara, so I may as well have what fun I can at their expense (for the record, they were fine flatmates and good people).

I will be hanging around for a little while though. I've got library books to return, I really should do some work on the book I vaguely dreamed of writing about this season, and the cable company won't be collecting the modem until at least the 17th (although it appears that my XYZ port (or whatever it is that I plug into) isn't working so it's not much use to me after edouard leaves on his summer roadtrip.

OK, this French keyboard is bugging me - a, z, q, w, m, ;, qre all in the wrong place, and even though I am little ,ore than a two finger pecker; I knoz ahere the English keys qre.

I'll write more later.

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