Thursday, March 10, 2005

Where did winter go?

It's not the end, yet. It's definately the beginning of the end or perhaps the end of the middle, or even the middle of the end, narrative structure is something that is imposed retrospectively on events.

Sure, it's also imposed pro-spectively (or whatever the opposite of retro is when you're speaking spectively), but there most people know the structure is imaginary (and the events might also not occur - an argument it is difficult to make about things that happened.

Wow, that was pretty intellectual. I guess I'm doing my bit to fight the image of snowboarders as "knuckle-dragging morons in baggy pants". That or I just miss university, where I was free to be clever whenever I felt like it.

I bet that offhand comment got my mother all excited. I had hoped that working on her own doctorate (due at the end of 2006 I think) would stop her from nagging ;) encouraging me to try and get one myself.

But anyway, I've posted a couple of times about how the season is dying. We got another sign of the apocalypse (at least in terms of the ski season) today - the first fishermen came out of hibernation and waded bravely into the river.

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