Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"This is the highlight of my life"

The quote is not me, but some kid (probably early teens) at the bottom of the first pitch of Currie bowl today. I think he was overstating things a little, but not much.

Yes, they finally opened Currie. With about a meter of fresh snow, it would have been worth waiting at least half an hour. As it turned out, I had to wait about two minutes, and still had a position at the front of the pack.

When the patroller gave the starting signal, it was as much of a madhouse as last time. Once again, I made it into the first run ahead of the crowds. This time was even better - there was no icy base, the snow was fresher, lighter, and deeper than pretty much anything this season, definately the deepest set of four or five turns I've had all season.

It was stupifyingly good - the kind of experience that leaves you grinning like an idiot (which is an easy expression for me).

Actually Thomas, my snowboarding "routes" aren't NZ at all. They are Lake Louise and Fernie (in a good year).

I was going to write how his mistake with homophones was appropriate, given how much moving around I've done, but I can't be bothered, and as anyone knows, I'm the brother who's good with words and other brainy stuff, and he's the brother that's good at fixing things (any excuse to use your fancy tool set, right bro?), doing things, and dealing with people.

Man, today was great. It was very tiring, especially when I fell over and was left wallowing in the powder, but in a good way.

The first run through Currie Bowl today was quite possibly my run of the season. It was that good. I once again understand why people spend large amounts of money on cat or heli skiing. If only...

Dat fat lady ain't sung yet!
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