Monday, March 14, 2005

This ain't Hollywood...

Reasons why Fernie ain't Hollywood:

1) Southern California has more snow than we do now.
2) In Hollywood, an awful disaster of a season would be turned around in a miracle dump of epic proportions. In Fernie, we get a couple of hours of wet slushy flakes, and then anotherwarm day.
3) There are no letters on the hill. There's no snow either.

Oh yeah, I just got laid off, again. This time it's permanent, unless I get called in this weekend. This is worse than Brad and Jen (nothing like delayed pop-culture references).

What a shame, maybe it's time to move on cowboy!
I was in Fernie for 4 days a couple of weeks ago and the bottom runs were definitely struggling. Bit of a dissapointment on the snow front, a 2 week trip to British Columbia for some snowboarding, and we get less fresh snow than the UK got in a freak winter storm...
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