Saturday, March 26, 2005

extremecarving (dot com) and extreme precipitation.

We had house guests during the week, one of whom was Patrice from so he showed us some of his videos.

Wow. These crazy Swiss guys (how's that for breaking national stereotypes?) have snowboards that they can get up at such an angle that their heads are pretty much on the snow. It's truly impressive stuff.

Inspired by the extreme carvers, and finally (mostly) over my head-cold, I went up the mountain yesterday. I got nowhere near the kind of angles the Swiss guys do, but it was a fun half-day of trying to carve. It's nowhere near as much fun as powder, but since the one out-of bounds place I went had a thick layer of windcrust on top, it was all about high speed.

We've also got the first "intense precipitation" warning from ski patrol for the season. I'm hoping this means an epic day tommorow.

Interesting that you met up with Patrice. I remember when I first saw the pictures on and I had to check the videos too to satisfy myself that they were for real!

Hope you got some good tips - I just don't know how they do that.
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