Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowls Sunday

Today is SuperBowl Sunday (it's like the World Cup final of American Football).

More importantly, it was Super BOWLS Sunday. Another day of fresh snow at Fernie Alpine Resort. Not quite as much as yesterday, but there were some beautiful patches.

I only rode for about five hours, but they were five great hours. Riding powder is a lot of work. You have to keep your weight back, so you keep your speed up, but this is more effort than riding normally. It's so rewarding though, especially when you get to lay down a big slashing turn through an untouched patch.

The mountain wasn't quite as consistently nice today - there were more bare patches. But, it was nicer in places where the snow had accumulated.

The mountain is finally looking like it should - snow everywhere, plenty of happy people (perhaps the most common chairlift word today was "finally" - as in "the snow has finally arrived), and a lot of lines (when the snow is soft you can see tracks where people have ridden, when it's hard these are much less obvious).

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