Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Random Quotage

"The Wise are guided by their belly rather than their eyes."

It was the random daily quote from Lao Tzu (an ancient Chinese guy who wrote the Tao Te Ching) that I found when I was googling to explain that the Tao of Pooh wasn't anti science).

The explaination sas that this aphorism refers to fulfilling your physical needs
rather than chasing interesting things you can see, but don't need. It's what I've been doing recently, if only because I don't have any money to spand.

I still think The Tao of Pooh is prejudiced against science. Quoting you: "Hoffman's presentation of Taoism is not that science is bad, rather that you should engage with life rather than data points."

I have to disagree with that - Hoffman associates science with data points, and that to be involved in such scholarly pursuits leads to a wrongful dissasociation with life. This can happen, but it is a non-representative, generalized, and prejudiced view of science. It is clear Hoffman has very little background in such areas, and it's slightly irresponsible as an author to generalize about something without bothering to inform oneself about it. Just IMO.
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