Saturday, February 19, 2005

Nose meet grindstone, grindstone, meet nose.

The snow has returned to the Elk Valley, and the guests have come back to the hotels. This means that I've got my job back. After a couple of half days snowshovelling, my boss got me back for a couple of days of housekeeping, and now I am back to janitorialising. Boy am I back - seven nights a week, in theory at least, I suspect this is a cunning ploy so that they can work me like a dog when they need it, and then cancel shifts at random when they don't, but we shall see.

For now though, it's a good feeling - I've just managed to cover next month's rent (and house expenses). If I'm lucky I'll make enough over the rest of the month to pay for the food I ate during the dry spell, and this month.

This season has been a financial disaster for me. I'm obviously not in this for the money (one discussion with my flatmate Tim will quickly disabuse anyone of the idea that ski-bumming is a path to a life of riches), but it is a little frustrating.

More worrying is that there is only about 6 weeks officially left in the season. On the 12th of April, the lifts go quiet for the last time. Time has flown by.

Well, knowing how much you eat (even in mild climates;) I imagine words stronger, if not longer than "a little frustrating" would jupm to mind as enthusiastically as a terrier greeting a visitor!

BTW why are all your GoogleAds for French lessons? Si M.Google m'en veut pour quelque raison il peut me le dire face à face!
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