Thursday, February 03, 2005

Do I even like Snowboarding?

Well, after Edouard came home yesterday saying how great the mountain was, I decided it was time to end the two week drought. OK, it was possibly the world's wettest "drought, but anyway. I went up the hill bright and early this morning.

Overheard outside the repair shop - "It's like a ghost town out here" - couldn't have said it better myself.

At some point between shelling out the $45 I owed for my board repair and getting on the first chairlift, this was a depressingly long time because my binding had jammed shut so I couldn't get my foot in to it. Anyway, while on the first chair. I noticed a nagging pain in my wrist.

I decided to ride anyway, and it wasn't too bad. The top quarter of the mountain was fairly nice and the bottom half of the top chair was slushy and chopped up. But I just couldn't get into it - I kept noticing that my wrist ached (and falling onto the side of my wrist didn't help).

I love snowboarding, or at least I thought I did. Why couldn't I actually snowboard a whole day after not doing any for two weeks. Surely I'd be yearning to breathe free?

Well, you'd think so, but today was another one of those days where I couldn't really be bothered. I like snowboarding, really I do. At Whakapapa, I would be riding every chance I had - days off, lunch breaks, staff ski time, night skis, heading-down-to-pick-up-some-milk-from-the-main-cafe times, any time. Today would have been a nice day in Whakapapa, yet I couldn't manage more than four runs before I just went home to watch TV and grimace whenever I moved my wrist sideways.

So yeah, I have an excuse, but that's all it is really, an excuse.

Meh. Maybe I was just spoiled by the good days we have had here.

Or as they say "stuff happens"!
Hope the wrist isn't serious. Your email in Frnech to Oriane was really welcomed! Tout va bien.
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