Thursday, February 24, 2005

At last, a post

Well, I haven't posted in a week. Partly it's because I have been working a lot recently. But mostly it's because I haven't felt like writing anything. The sudden jump from 0 hours a week to 60 left me quite drained (and work has been lousy recently, but we're not going to talk about that). But what about snowboarding?

Well, I haven't done much - I've been tired, and the hill hasn't been that special. It's funny, the more opportunities I have to go snowboarding, the less important it seems to me. I'm sure that if I was working in Saskatchewan, I'd be riding 9-4 every day and eating lunch on the chairlifts. But I'm not, so I don't have to.

I also don't have to blog every day, which is good, because I haven't been. I'm still alive, still broke (although with nearly 70 hours already in this pay period and four (probably 9 hour) days to go, I might actually have some money this time. Although, that's what I thought last time, and I got laid off, and just managed to keep my head above water.

Sorry you aren't having fun at the moment, from Edourd's piccies Fernie and your pad look very fine indeed, most impressed. I hope over the next while you manage to get the housekeeping and boarding in a better balance!
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