Friday, January 07, 2005

Where's the snow?

I put another pleasant, if short, "day" up the mountain yesterday. I still feel like I'm riding much better, so that is very pleasing. Even some of the friendly blacks (that's black diamond runs that aren't scary not ambiable people of colour) are rideable, rather than just surviveble.

This is an epiphany (like the nice tie in to the calendar?) on the scale of first learning to turn. Yep, it's still that exciting. It is, because I haven't thrown a buzz -word around for a while, a paradigm shift in my snowboarding.

I think it's like when you're learning to swim and suddenly realise that the water isn't going to suck you under and kill you. Or maybe it isn't I've been able to swim for as long as I can remember. I can't even remember remembering not being able to swim .

It's a truly bizzare feeling. You get off the chairlift, and head over to the top of a run expecting one thing, and it's totally different. Does not compute.

Actually, I noticed a sense of the steepness creeping back yesterday. The runs didn't look as flat as they did last time. But, and this is the great thing, the steepness didn't look as scary. I guess the day the earth moved might just have been a trick of the light (or my brain, to explain why I suddenly found it much easier). I will probably go up later on today, for a quick ride.

It snowed a little yesterday, but nothing worth mentioning. The weather network is promising aboot five days of snow starting today, or at least they were. Maybe they are so embarassed by being wrong that they have taken their webpage offline.

Or maybe we're having problems with our internet connection because of the massive amounts of snow that are falling on the ski hill.

One can but hope

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