Saturday, January 15, 2005


Well, it was minus thirty something again in Fernie this morning. For those of you who don't live in a deep-freeze (actually, most commercial freezers aren't usually that cold) that's so cold that your nostrils feel like they are being glued together.

Top secret documents obtained by the Lost in Transportation staff reveal the reason behind this recent cold spell. Although Prime Minister Jean Poutine ;) claims that it is because the provinces have not been paying their heating bills, it is in fact the work of the Armed Front the Renaming of Saskatchewan. This dastardly organisation has attached military-grade fans to thousands of Moose and released them into the Artic.

Yep, that's the truth behind the recent cold spell. More details as they emerge.

Um, anyway, when Tim got sent home from the ski hill becase they had just one ski lesson for the whole resort, we decided to go to Castle Mountain. It's just over an hour away in Alberta. Castle is old-school - only two chairs (a triple and a double), minimal grooming, no snowguns, just a lot of steep terrain and good snow (well mostly). We got about five runs in and apart from the patches where I struck dirt or tree stumps, the snow was fluffy pretty much everywhere and untracked in places.

D'oh, spilt oatmeal all over the floor - clean it up and it's time to go to work.

hey richard! great to hear that you passed your test and hopefully you can start working as an instructor soon? you will fit right in because arent all snowboard/ski instructors foreign! (that could just be at ruapehu!!) all this snowboard jargon and talk is really making me wish it was winter (though in winter i will be in france) because at the moment when i think of boarding i think of the last time i went which was that night when i went night skiing and ending up semi-fracturing my tail bone and i want new memories to replace that massive bail!! and i want to try a rail which was my aim that night!!
love reading your blogs and sounds like your having an awesome time!

love sarah

spent a couple of minutes on your blog following a link on Edouard's page. Seems like you do the talking on your blog, and Ed's posting the pictures on his page.

I'd suggest a collaborative effort by setting up a Fernie/Lost in Transportation page co-administred by all you guys sharing the house. A multi-contributor blog with ability to post pics & texts...

that's the point of the mixing and the house-mating, I guess.

On another subject, I've seen your new year resolutions smwhere on your blog. I'd suggest to add another one for the whole house (not only yourself), which would be a day a week 'computer free'. Time for talks & games!

I'll keep on reading your page,



(oh, I happen to be Ed's cousin... say bonjour to him from me!)
I don't know how you handle that weather. I just spent a weekend in Minneapolis where it was -20F for most of the weekend and it was unbearable.

Time for the nomad to make a trip south :)
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