Monday, January 24, 2005

Rain stopped work

Well, I was just writing an email to my brother in which I said that next paycheck I should be on an even keel financially. Literally just after I finished typing that sentence, I got a phone call from my boss.

I just got laid off.

Yeah, that's great news. NOT.

Because Fernie has been getting rained on for the last week, tourists have been cancelling. The owner of the hotel I work at sent a fax from Calgary saying "lay everyone off and maybe rehire them in a couple of weeks if things improve" - Thanks Bill.

It's not as if I can just walk into another job either. The entire town is economically slow right now (I've been keeping an eye on the job postings, and there have been very few recently, and pretty much none that I'm qualified for). It's November all over again. For those of you who weren't reading my emails back then (in the long dark days pre-blog) there were hordes of unemployed people rioting in the streets. Well, OK, we were more of a disorganised throng than a horde (hordes are far too impolite to be allowed in Canada) and we were wandering around aimlessly rather than rioting, but the principle is the same.

You know, this is the first time I've ever been fired. I know being laid off in a slowdown is not quite the same as actually being fired, but it's not a good feeling. It's also not a good feeling to know that I'm pretty much broke.

I can survive for a while, but this definately throws a big spanner in the works. I need snow now more than ever.

We all hope Fernie gets snow too!
What a shame you've all been made redundant, let's hope all will get sorted out before too long. Try to look on the bright side (if there is one)
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