Thursday, January 13, 2005

A new word

Brrrarrrg - the frustration I experience when it's minus 30, but I really want to go snowboarding. Unfortunately, I started to feel the first stingings of frostbite before I even got to the hill. In the 15 minutes that I braved the side of the road waiting for a ride, my ears got cold, even under a fleece balaclava and a fairly warm helmet.

You could call me a wuss, and you might be right- it does look like a lovely sunny day. But I'm really quite attached to my ears (duh) and it didn't snow any more overnight, so I'm not missing out on an epic day, just a good one.

Still, I might leave the house later on today for either a quick ride (with plenty of time in the warming hut) or a trip into town to print up a CV for the snow school here (since I've finally passed my instructor course).

Or I might not leave the house until it's time to go to work - I do not approve of this cold. You hear that Mister Artic Outflow - Richard does not approve. So please quit it.

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