Saturday, January 29, 2005

Money Money Money!

I just got selected for the m100 at

Basically this means that my investment prowess over the last year or two has been profitable enough for my imaginary fund that this company is willing to use my selections to help manage their real investment fund.

It's the second time I've made it into the top 100 (I made it in for a couple of months in Quarter Three last year). I also have three other funds that are beating the major indicies over the last three years (so I'm doing better than most real life mutual funds).

So, yeah, I'm pretty happy about that (they'll even send me a little check at the end of this quarter, so in some ways, I am a professional investment advisor). On the off chance that someone who works in the investment industry is reading this, I'm available to start immediately.

Actually, if anyone who is reading this can offer me any sort of job, I'd be quite happy.

Congratulations again. Oriane is here now, so life is busy! Hope there is a job soon, I think you'd make a good investment broker.
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