Saturday, January 08, 2005

J Unit

Well, I went up the hill yesterday as well (for all of a couple of hours). It was quite nice, but nothing special. It was a slightly strange experience though. I felt like I was riding quite well, and at times had moments of, well, at least satisfaction, if not exhilaration. At the same time though, I was feeling kind of ambivalent about being up the mountain.

That's the nice thing about having a season pass and an evening job. I can go up for a couple of hours and not feel guilty about wasting $60 for a lift ticket, or not making the most of a day off - since ALL my days are off.

Work was work. One of the desk clerks (the one who looks a little like Alanis Morisette) made a rather nice observation. Australians and New Zealanders are shoeless layabouts. Which is very true, even if I am paraphrasing slightly, and, in my view, it is a good thing. This is ironic, because she meant it as a complaint (oooh oooh - didja catch that funky pop-culture reference?).

I quite like being a shoeless layabout. Well, maybe not shoeless when it's -20 outside (bare feet do not have much traction), but the concept of being a shoeless layabout at least.

I don't like shoes. Maybe it's a reaction to having to wear shoes all the time when I was a child (or we'd get chiggers in our feet and have to have someone probe around in there with a needle). Or maybe it's just because I'm a shoeless layabout at heart.

As for the title?

Well, it's a fancy title for Janitor. I just made it up, and really can't be bothered explaining. It amused me through the long dark hours of 9pm to 11pm (when there wasn't that much to do before the pool closed.

I'm all for shoelessness, but not really one for laying about, except with words, and then only at a safe distance...

If a janitor is a J Unit, is a bartender a B Unit?
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