Saturday, January 29, 2005

Freshies! We got freshies!

The first snow in two weeks fell overnight! Hooray! Mind you, since we got perhaps as much as 5 millimetres overnight, it will take the rest of 2005, and much of 2006 to restore the mountain to its early January state.

Still, it's a sign the temperature is moving in the right direction. Or at least it would have been, if the weather network (aka the prophets of doom) are correct, we're in for ANOTHER spell of warm weather.


Remember how I said I while ago that the Armed Front for the Renaming of Saskatchewan had sent mooses (or unemployed Newfies, I can't remember) up to the Artic with giant fans? Well, this time I'm blaming the Americans.

No, not for refusing to sign the Kyoto protocol (although it is another reason that Dubya sucks), but for pointing the exhaust fans of their air conditioners North.

It's a conspiracy to steal all the ski business from BC and take it for California.


Tinme for Canada to invade (again) and burn down the White House (again). That'll teach them.

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