Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Two things today:

1) Another full day at work today. Management have been breathing down our bosses neck about labour costs so Kate threatened to bring back the productivity board. Basically it's a whiteboard with some sort of number on it based on how quickly you can individually clean a unit. I think I was probably the only person there who wouldn't have minded. Not because I'm a great housekeeper (although I'm competant) but because there is a dirty little part of me that absolutely craves competition. I can't help it, I'm an addict.

2) The World Championships of Bartending were on TV last night. This is probably one of the odder championships out there. That said, it's one of the cooler ones. Well, the speed and accuracy rounds are not very exciting - Oooh look, some Argentinian guy has poured EXACTLY 8 ounces of liquid into a glass! Woooh! But, what is fun to watch are the flair rounds. This is when the competitors juggle bottles, balance glasses on their nose, and all sorts of wierd stuff like that while supposedly making a drink of some sort.

So, an old idea of mine returned to me - World Championship Dishwashing! Thrill at the sheer speed with which dirty plates are scraped and sprayed! Marvel at how shiny the glasses are! Cheer as the plongeur spins a plate on his fingers and balances the brush on his ear!

Well, maybe not.

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