Friday, December 17, 2004

Third the one with the hairy chest

Back in the day, my brother(s) and I were quite competitive. No really, I know this comes as a shock to those of you who have ever played me at trivial pursuit, monopoly, table tennis or just about anything where there can be a winner and a loser.

Ahem, the point was that we used to chant "first the worst, second the best, third the one with the hairy chest" a lot when I was little, and it just came back to me. I could have done with a hairy chest today - it was a little chilly thanks to the wind.

I rode for about half the day with Rune, a friend of Edouard's (although since he's Danish, I've probably brutally misspelt his name because English just doesn't have enough squiggles on its letters). It was another day of sticking to the groomed runs, but still fun. Going fast is fun.

But, there's a limit to how much I can write about snowboarding and still keep the interest of my grandmother and other normal people. Let's just say that I like going fast, and conditions were perfect for that.

Today was pretty good. Why?

Well, the snowboarding (already mentioned) was good. The views were great too, right down the valley.

I got a ride back to my house from the ski hill in a BMW with leather seats.

I saw a raven, or was it a crow, or are they the same bird? Unlike my uncle, I'm quite bad at identifying birds. I like looking at them though, or at least the cool ones like hawks, ravens, and parrots. Ravens might be scavenging carrion eaters (or they might be door to door salesmen, my knowledge of how birds support themselves is pretty limited) but they look cool - black feathers, big black beak, and black predator eyes. Anyway, I was walking to town and saw it it sitting there for on a tree branch.

I went grocery shopping! I love grocery shopping. Unfortunately, like many things I love, I'm not very good at it. Now, this is definately not a reflection on my mother, who could possibly be the world champion grocery shopper. She did her best to teach me about stocking up on special offers, comparing unit prices, and that sort of thing.

I took most of that in, and score quite well on the savings front. It's just that I'm a hunter, not a gatherer. Send me into a supermarket unsupervised, especially if I haven't eaten since breakfast time, and it's like letting a three year old loose in a toy store. Still, I usually end up with a sensible shopping basket (if we ignore the jelly beans and cookies) even if frozen corn is a little over-represented in the vegetable category.

So yeah, I like grocery shopping, even if I am only a talented amateur. The ironic thing is that today is one day I really didn't need to go - we're having a fondue night at my house, so all my new food will just sit in the cupboard until tommorrow.

Yay fondue! To quote the episode of That Seventies Show which was on TV last night "It should be called FUNdue, because it sure is fun!"

And then it's judgement day tomorrow - my Snowboard Instructor course starts. Hopefully by monday I'll have a bit of paper that says I can teach people to snowboard.

And all this time I thought you hated shopping - of all sorts!

I loved the bit about the birds.
How can you learn to teach snowboarding sooooo fast? I've been taught by BSA level instructors and Neil McNab in Chamonix - there's a lot to it! Do you get any form of actual Qualification in that time?
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