Saturday, December 25, 2004

Santa gave me fresh snow!

I worked it out on one of my long lonely chairlift rides today. Today is my eighth day of snowboarding this season. Not bad, especially given the lack of snow we've had until recently, but not exactly great.

Anyway, I woke up kind of late this morning, and was having a leisurely breakfast when I decided to look out the window. The fresh snow I saw meant my breakfast suddenly became a lot more hurried.

The first couple of runs were a little rough, but I got back in the swing of things fairly quickly and started to enjoy the conditions. Some of the more heavily trafficed runs were scraped a little bare, but you didn't have to get far from the maddening crowd to find some nice snow - for the record, my favourite run was Arrow (the first run in Lizard bowl from the Bear chair, not that anyone who hasn't been to Fernie will have any idea what I was talking about).

On a related note, this is the first time that the weather forecast has promised us snow, rather than light snow or flurries. Huzzah for Santa!

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