Monday, December 20, 2004

Foreshadowing Sucks.

In art, as in life, foreshadowing sucks.

I'm not about to get into a big narrative discussion here, my point is really that the "I might fail" prospect that my last post brought up has become an unfortunate reality. Yep, I failed my Level One Instructor course. What is really frustrating is that I failed it by the skin of my teeth. Actually, seat of my pants might be a better metaphor, since un-authorised contact between the seat of my pants and the "snow" (ice) during some of the riding sessions was pretty much why I failed.

Apparantly, I am something of a natural teacher (one of my pretend lessons was among the best two of the day) and I am very comfortable explaining things to a group. But my riding just isn't quite there. In the debrief, one of the evaluators said it might well have come up to standard in one more day.

Very frustrating.

Still, my riding has improved significantly, so in many ways I got my money's worth out of the course. That said, I think very frustrating is the best summary of the last few hours.

Ok, a far shorter than normal update (and I bet you're all glad about that). It was good to hear that I'm good at teaching, since ultimately, that's probably a more useful skill than being able to snowboard (and almost as enjoyable).

Happy Hogswatch Everyone! (my father may well be the only person to get this reference - the rest of you should read more Terry Pratchett)

Just to prove that said father not only reads TP, but this blog, I'll add a: "We told you so!" Not that you would fall on your behind, Murphy trademarked that law, but that you could teach. You always used to teach your family a thing or two.
Dunno about Canada but the instructors exams in New Zealand are frustratingly difficult. Like hazing for a frat, or learning some secret masonic handshake. Just keep trying its worth it, and you're obviously almost there.
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